An Early Indicator?

I just learned that the LA band Lustra (best known for the song “Scotty Doesn’t Know”) has cracked into the Billboard Top 100.

“So what?” You’re probably thinking.

They’ve done so without the backing of a music label. THIS is the news, friends. This doesn’t happen. Until now, that is.

The Change Agent believes that this is a major indicator of trends to come. Lustra doesn’t even have a manager, let alone a label, yet they’ve debuted at #89 on the Hot 100 and look to rise. Digitally distributed music (iTunes and others) have made it possible for a relatively unknown band with few resources to enter an exclusive club previously only accessible to acts with significant backing. Before digital distribution, it would have been physically impossible for a band without major label resource to even conceive of generating the sales volume necessary to make the Billboard chart. Those days are apparently over.

Two things to watch for:

ONE: More bands to follow this same trend.

TWO: The RIAA to try to stop it somehow, through heavy-handed legal or other means.

Look out Jessica Simpson. Here’s hoping that more DIY bands can make similar inroads.

If you’re a file-sharer or a podcaster who’s trying to promote independent artists, GOOD FOR YOU!

If you’re using file-sharing technology to share copyrighted music, perhaps you want to read THIS first.


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