On attending a high school reunion … as a spouse.

I’ve just attended my wife’s high school reunion. This was a new experience for me.


It has to be one of the peculiar experiences of life. There you are, shaking hands with people you’ve never met, and aren’t likely to see again for at least ten years, and your wife knows them all. In most cases, it isn’t like they’re good friends of each other. They just remember each other as they were. It’s vaguely surreal.


A few observations, from a complete outsider:


The first thing I noticed: Ladies, you look GREAT! Almost without exception, all the women look terrific. They’ve dressed well, they have for the most part taken care of themselves, and everyone looks fabulous.


Right after that, I noticed how many guys have shaved their heads. I have to give it to these guys. They’re losing their hair, and they’re not ashamed, they’re going for it, just shave it off. On most guys, it actually looks pretty good. It made me feel fortunate to have my genetics, however… I have more hair now than some of these guys had when they graduated from High School. Even so, to all my brethren who are getting plugs, or trying regrowth medications, I say “take a cue from the cue ball.” There’s no shame in losing your hair.


Then I became aware of the poor spouses. The spouses began to trickle out (as did I) fairly early in the evening. Before they left, they lurked supportively in the corners of the room, nodding friendly acknowledgements to one another. A faint camaraderie, but no real conversation. They’re all good sports, coming along to a dreadful event where (at least to some degree) their husband or wife will revert to some semblance of their 18-year-old self and hoot and holler and scream and giggle. In many cases, the reuinioners seemed almost to forget that they came in with someone.


But that seems to be what a reunion is all about. A reunion may be the closest thing to a true fountain of youth. At your reunion, except for a few extra pounds and a bit less hair, it’s as if no time has passed. It’s preferable that most of these people don’t figure prominently in your life, because you can revisit your youth once every ten years or so, and everyone will take you as you were.


I’m looking forward to my next one.


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